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“However beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results.”

- Winston Churchill


Our Trading Desk's Directional Bias/Opinion

November 14, 2016


S&P 500  Large Cap Index - 3 year chart (click here to access 3 year chart):
US indices reached first set of upside targets, the next targets are S&P 2196, Nasdaq 4852 , Dow Jones 18,850. Our trading desk is on side-lines here, and awaiting a sell signal that should kick in at S&P 2120, Nasdaq 4765, and Dow 18,360.
Gold - 3 year chart (click here to access 3 year chart):

Silver - 3 year chart (click here to access 3 year chart):
old went on a sell signal when it closed below 1278. We are looking for an entry point to go long, but have not seen it yet. A close above 1264 is now needed for a first indication that we saw the low. The downside price target for gold is 1221. If we do not see a bounce from there, we will get much lower price targets. The downside price target is 16.77 for silver.

Oil  West Texas Intermediate Light Crude

(click here to access 3 year chart):
We have a downside target of 41 for Crude. It close to our original downside price target of 42.00. A close above 45.60 will cancel the current sell signal.

Natural Gas  - 3 year chart (click here to access 3 year chart):
Nat Gas is on a sell signal.


EUR/USD : [chart] - 3 year chart
Our downside price target is still around 107.70 EUR/USD. A close above 109.45 EUR/USD puts it on a buy signal.


USD/CAD : [chart] - 3 year chart

The weaker move in Canadian we anticipated happened, 132.70 USD/CAD cancels the buy signal on the USD/CAD trade.


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